As we all know, brunch is an important meal of the day. It creates a balance between a late breakfast and an early lunch. Not only do you get to eat your favourite meal, but you also get to enjoy the company of people around you and the beautiful scenery. What’s brunch without those anyway! There are varieties of places to brunch in Budapest, but here are a few of the best options. 

London Coffee Society 

London Coffee Society is an independent speciality coffee shop located on Dohány Street, Budapest, serving unique brunches at affordable prices ranging from 2 to 11 dollars. If you’re not feeling up to it, order takeaway services and enjoy your brunch.  

Brunch in Budapest


Szimply is a breakfast and brunch restaurant located in downtown Budapest, it is now a go-to spot for brunch lovers. They deliver healthy, wholesome food and their service can easily be rated as excellent. It is always packed but they never fail to deliver the perfect meals. If you can get a table at Szimply, be prepared to enjoy one of Budapest’s best brunch choices. 

Brunch Bistro 

Brunch Bistro is a Hungarian breakfast and brunch restaurant speciality cafe. Their pastries are always freshly baked in the restaurant each morning. They serve breakfast and brunch until 4 pm and offer takeout or delivery. You can enjoy their outside terrace overlooking the beautiful view of St. Stephen’s Basilica, or the fire inside while having food or coffee. 

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