After sightseeing in Budapest, and going on walking tours, a great way to unwind is chilling by the beach. As much as Budapest is not a coastal city, there are plenty of places to relax by the lake and massive pools to give you that beach experience. The top beaches where tourists can relax with a glass of drink and food in Budapest are;

  1. Roman Beach (Romai)

Enjoy a refreshing time at Roman beach which is located in North Buda, a minute distance away from the River Danube. The beach has lots of swimming, children’s and adventure pools.  The beach also has lots of slides for children, golden toys, and ping-pong tables. After relaxing in the water, you can take a stroll by the river bank where you’ll find several bars, buffet restaurants, and cultural events.

photo credit: Official Facebook page Palatinus Beach Budapest
  1. Palatinus Beach

This is an open-air bath located in the center of Budapest on Margit Island which is a nature conservation area. The pools of the beach get their thermal water from Margit Island. The beach opened in 1919 for locals and tourists. A trip here will leave you asking for more. The island is picturesque and beautiful and is easily accessible by foot, bike, or bus.

  1.  Lake Balaton

You can take a short trip outside Budapest with friends and family to have an amazing time together at Lake Balaton. It’s the most popular resort in Hungary and it is just an hour away from downtown Budapest. If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape or spend a day basking in nature, then this is for you.  Also, spend time exploring the lake and delight your taste buds with the local food.

Enjoy the beauty of Budapest’s skyline and the calm wind from the lake. For a complete and fun tour of the city, join our Budapest free walking tour.