Learn more about the rich history of Hungary by visiting her museums. Budapest has over 50 museums so, there’s no way you’ll plan a vacation down here without penning down a few museums to visit. For a truly entertaining and educating time in Budapest, consider checking out a few of these museums.

  1. Hungary National Museum

Strategically located in Buda Castle, the museum is a must-visit for locals and tourists. The museum has a unique history, with art and artifacts from over several years. During a visit, expect to learn so much more about the history of Hungary. Because of the popularity of the Hungarian national museum, it’s advisable to book a ticket online beforehand, if you plan to go for a solo visit.

  1. Museum of Fine Arts

Located opposite Heroes’ Square, this museum has an impressive collection of fine arts spread over 5 floors. The museum holds a lot of treasures, artifacts, and artwork from ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece to Baroque Art. Be prepared to spend a few hours here going through collections from world-class artists.

Budapest museums
  1. House of Terror

If you want to learn more about the Holocaust in Hungary, this is the museum to visit. It’s located on Andrassy Avenue. The museum was originally a Nazi base for torturing and killing Hungarian nationals in 1942. Its rooms were also constructed to fit that purpose. A trip here is indeed not one for the fainthearted.

  1. The Budapest History Museum

Located in the South Wing of the Buda Castle, a trip here will reveal to you the history of Hungary’s capital, before it became known as Budapest. Also, discover more about how the Buda and Pest sides of the Danube became united over 100 years ago.

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