It will interest you to know that Budapest has been crowned the 11th best capital for vegetarians to live in. It’s exciting to know that when you plan your travels, there will be many vegetarian restaurants in Budapest to satisfy your cravings. In this article, we will be telling you about some of the best restaurants for Vegetarians in Budapest based on what both locals and tourists say.  

Napfenyes Restaurant and Confectionery  

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Budapest you can find. Their creativity is so top-notch that they make vegan versions of traditional Hungarian cuisines. The restaurant leaves you in a space where you don’t feel left out.   

Kozmosz Vegan Restaurant  

This restaurant is one of the most affordable vegan restaurants in Budapest. You get to enjoy your choice of healthy and satisfying vegetarian food. You can get fantastic bean burgers, coconut milk mushroom stews, and others.  

Langos Papa 

Every vegetarian who has visited this restaurant in Budapest can testify to its excellent food and wonderful scenery. They serve one of the best warm doughs smothered in a thick layer of sour with plenty of cheese to blow taste buds off.  

Bamba Marha  

This scenic restaurant serves a mega vegan burger that leaves everyone who visits thirsty for more. So, if you want a vegetarian-friendly burger, head there although it is not a complete vegetarian restaurant, they do justice to vegetarian food.  

Slow Foodiez restaurant 

This restaurant is majors in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Although it doesn’t open on Mondays but the rest of the days that see it open, it serves an array of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes whether it’s real food or comfort food.  

Let your taste buds feast on these restaurants’ best.  Join The Original Budapest tours to explore the city’s beauty in all its glory. You can ask our guides all the questions you have in mind while you explore the city.