If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Budapest, the list below should help. We’ve tried and tested each of these restaurants and they are definitely in the top 10 places to eat in Budapest.

urban gardens, creative openness, and popular Mediterranean cuisine. This Middle Eastern restaurant inside Budapest’s buzzing Jewish Quarter does have a disintegrating facade like other ruin bars, but the inside is a different story. The place operates in the spirit of diversity and acceptance, and awaits guests with an open kitchen, drinks, and various cultural events. One of Mazel Tov’s major cultural goals is to provide a space for everyone who believes in an open and inclusive world – the programs aim to convey these messages as well. After a hearty dinner and a few rounds of drinks, dawn might find still us on Akácfa Street.

Dobrumba is a friendly little Mediterranean restaurant on the corner of Dob and Rumbach streets in the 7th district of Budapest. They offer love, good food, friendly afternoons and colourful evenings to their guests. This little corner restaurant is also a bit like a ruin pub, the walls are unfinished and the kitchen is opened, but it’s a really classy place, where the food is excellent, the drinks are delicious and the whole atmosphere is impressive. Perfect for a cosy, light evening.

Gettó Gulyás is a cozy Hungarian restaurant inside Budapest’s party district, also known as the old Jewish Quarter. The restaurant’s name makes its culinary priorities clear — the short menu features the heart of Magyar cuisine with staples like goulash, chicken and veal paprikash, and various seasonal vegetable stews called főzelék. “Gettó” refers to the Jewish ghetto, what this neighborhood became during the winter of 1944, the darkest time of WW II. in Budapest.

KARAVÁN is a street food paradise next to Szimpla – another reason to walk into Kazinczy street. In the courtyard you’ll find popular eateries like Zing Burger, Las Vegan’s vegan burger joint and Hummus Bar. If you’re looking for an international flavour, you can also choose Vespa Rossa for authentic Italian cuisine or MexKitchen for Mexican dishes. For something a little more local, Chickpoint’s chicken nuggets are a must, but you can also try the delicious horn cakes from the Hornbread Legend. And if you’re thirsty after a big meal, the Caravan Bar offers refreshing drinks.

In the early aughts, Liszt Ferenc Square in Budapest’s District 6 was a popular hangout for chic locals, but as the wheel of trends turned, people moved on to other pockets of the city. Today, you’ll find restaurants emblazoned with “tourist menu” signs and it’s also here that Hungary’s only Hooters operated until recently. You don’t need me to tell you: proceed with caution.

Now you know all the best places in Budapest, so it’s time to eat up the city!