Budapest Castle is a royal historic palace built in the thirteenth century when the Hungary was invaded by the Mongol. The castle was destroyed but constructed later in the 14th century and was built in the Roman style of housing. Later the castle has replaced a palace constructed in the design known as the Gothic-style. The castle has been there to reflect the fortunes of the people of Hungary. It’s at an appealing location on an elevated ground of the hills of the castle. Its appeals are complemented with an amazing hall for the Knights.

Budapest history goes on to when the castle was captured and recaptured a series of times. ”In the 15th century, it was considered a palace for the king named Matthias Corvinus. He ensured that it was constructed by the best craftsmen from all over the continent. He even ordered the creation of a palace garden. However in the 18th century, the castle was in ruins from the fights over that century and hence had to be reconstructed again” Salma 2000. At some point, the castle was constructed in a dome shape but is not what it is today.

Today, the Budapest castle is known as the royal palace it is not is fancy as there before, but its history remains. Today, the Budapest castle is more than 300 meters long creating a very good impression. In the castle includes a Budapest history museum, two other museums and also a national gallery. It has wings arranged along a lion backyard very amazing for those who would love to travel Budapest. For there exist a lot of amazing features to see the castle like the great statues and impressive fountains.
Statues surrounding Budapest Castle mark the history of the place they would be a great discovery during Budapest tours. Such include the statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy, which was created in 1900 in honor of him for winning during an army war and liberating Budapest from Turks who had dominated them. From statues are other impressing features known as fountains especially one named Matthias Fountain it shows a legendary king of Budapest known as a Matthias. The fountain makes very beautiful scenery.

Ever since the 1940s the various features that make Budapest are mainly the castle since Buda and Pest were two different areas. Later after winning the war from the Mongols, Buda and Pest became one with them meaning the same. In that Buda is a word meaning pest in English. The buildings and monument were maintained as a part of Buda history and also for all persons interested in the busapest torus which are most definitely amazing and worthwhile. Cultural institutes exist to remind the people of Hungary this amazing history.

In 1960, there was a development plan in Budapest in order to give it this amazing historic value it has. There is no other palace in the world with the same catching design as one in Budapest. Hungary has the best history with the inclusion of its academy of science which has helped preserve the monuments and the buildings in the condition they are today.
Budapest has a castle hill also known as the castle district. It contains the greatest medieval monuments together with the royal palace. Travel Budapest and witness the amazing nature of these historic medieval monuments, museums a site of UNESCO world heritage and also thermal springs. There are different routes to these historic sites and can choose which to. This is due to the past nature of Hungary facing attacks and destructions. Budapest castle is made of a very attractive strong wall following attacks. It is a great monument that one would wish to visit and learn all about it from its museums which are numerous from the numerous history of Budapest.

Hungary is most definitely a great city to travel to explore and learn more. Budapest has created a conservative culture which is eventful even at this era. A visit to Budapest at the festival season is the best. One learns different cultures, understands the rule of the Roman Empire which existed in Budapest. Also, it’s a great platform to understand how strong the warriors were for them to capture back Budapest from the Turks who were the most feared enemies. Museums at Budapest are the most recommended places to visit. This is from the arts and decorations inside, features and arts of what decorate the palace, features like the courtyard which was of the former medieval castles and also a comprehensive group of paints which were made by the Roman Empire. The historical museum also integrates different art crafts made by the best craftsmen in Hungary.

It will be a new and unforgettable discovery for any person who will visit the Budapest castle. The culture of history has never died, and you will automatically understand this from the well-conserved features and the culture of people of Hungary. Busapest torus have most amazing experience one could ever wish for.
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