We all love to take a trip and get some fresh air, but a non-friendly budget can restrict our level of enjoyment. Thankfully Budapest is one of those massive cities you can visit even with a tight budget. If you’re planning to visit Budapest on a budget, here’s how to make the most of it;

Budget-friendly Flight Ticket 

Instead of using expensive airlines, use the low-cost airlines like Wizz Air, which also has its base in Budapest. 

Public transport will cost you less. 

From the airport to all the other places you might want to visit, consider using public transport to save costs. 

Exploring the city on Foot is cheaper 

If you put the cost behind you, you will still be able to experience the beauty and take it all in when you choose to walk. There’s no better way to do this than to join a Free Budapest walking tour.  

Instead of 5 Stars try a Dorm or affordable district 

Dorms lodging cost less per night and will save you a lot of money. There’s always beauty in an adventurous trip, you wont regret it.

Lunch with Locals or stroll the Great Market 

Lunching with the locals is more affordable than going to a restaurant and paying for a meal. Explore the cities street food, you’ll enjoy it because it has a reputation for being out of this world anyway.

Admire Fisherman’s Bastion for free 

Letting yourself wander in Fisherman’s Bastion is every travelers favorite thing to do in Budapest. You get to live in a fairy tale when you go early because you can enjoy the serenity before more travelers show up.

 On the pest side of the city, you can get all the necessities you need at an affordable price and see the best of Budapest with both locals and tourists.