Street art is a widespread feature in many cities around the world. The Hungarians seem to be the best at it, with street art decorating the walls of almost every street, especially in the downtown Jewish District area of Budapest. 

Most of the district’s buildings were abandoned and left in ruins after WWII, but now the Jewish District is one of the best places to explore with its run-down structures. Its streets have become vibrant, and it is an absolutely beautiful place to stay.  

This became a reality due to a movement to revitalize the old walls and run-down buildings with contemporary graffiti wall art. A large number of Budapest’s most impressive mural paintings can be found within walking distance in the Jewish District. 

Budapest Street Art

One of the best mural paintings located in Dob street of The Jewish District is The Rubik’s Cube, created by an artist group called Neopaint Works on the 14th of August 2018. The painting pays tribute to Hungarian inventor and professor of architecture, Erno Rubik on his 70th birthday and 40th anniversary of his mechanical art piece(the Rubik’s Cube) which became one of the world’s best-selling toys. 

At the bottom left corner of the painting is a number that indicates that the Rubik’s cube can be rearranged in a total of 43 quintillion different ways. Now, It is recognized as the most famous street art in Budapest. 

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