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When: Custom Meeting Times
Where: Retox Hostel Budapest, Ó St 41, 1065 Hungary
Price: 20€
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The Original Budapest Streetart Workshop

All around the world open air galleries are being created. Artists of all kinds have created beautiful and creative pieces of art hidden and often hide them in plain sight for everyone to enjoy. The world of graffiti is vibrant, fun and much more diverse than you might think. Come with us as we open your eyes to the streets and walls around you. We will explain how street art is made, and who is making it. Sometimes we will even explain why it is made, other times well why is any piece of art made?

This Workshop takes you on a 1.5 hour tour of Budapest street art scene from so many local and international artists, to some local pieces that have become quite popular. We will also see how communities use street are to express almost every feeling and thought you can think off. From common street tags to world famous murals we will try to cover as much as we can. After we will head to our workshop where you will learn stenciling techniques and create your very own piece of paste up art.

Tour takes about 4 hrs and features:

Budapest’s Street Art,  Murals & walls,

Tags, styles & graffiti writing,

Stencils, Pate up & tile work,

Culture, history & techniques,

Plus much more …

This is a street art workshop tour! That means that we will take a quick tour to discuss different form of street art examples around Budapest before we get into creating our own art.

Change the way that you look at graffiti and discover how the walls can be used for communication and creativity.

The walls of our cities are public space and a perfect canvas for any artist … including YOU!


20 € per person.

Includes supplies and a take home piece of art made by you!

Minimum group size is 10 people

Some Impressions

Askshay (Russia)
Best Pub Crawl I have been on! Really saved me a lot of time and money. Trying to get this by myself is not possible! - Askshay (Russia)
Laura (Germany)
We had an amazing pub crawl. Meet some really cool people, and saved way more money then the rest of the nights we went out! - Laura (Germany)
Gonzo (Chile)
"The Free walking tour was awesome the guide helped me figure out my whole trip" - Gonzo (Chile)
Dave (Canada)
"What a beautiful city the alternative tour showed me things I know I wouldnt have seen otherwise interesting and awesome" - Dave (Canada)

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