Budapest thrives on spa culture for many reasons. Going to a thermal bath while visiting or spending the weekend in Budapest will grant you the opportunity to experience the many benefits and relaxing features of the thermal baths in Budapest. 

Thermal water is not ordinary water, as many may think. The water in Budapest’s thermal bath comes from natural hot springs. These hot springs come from deep in the ground and are heated by geothermal activity, which is natural heat emanating from the earth.  

During its long journey across deep mountain areas before it resurfaces, the water that is used in each thermal bath in Budapest is filled with dissolved minerals picked up from rocks. The mineral content in each bath varies by location. 

Budapest Thermal Bath

Budapest is known for being the spa capital of the world and officially gained the title, “The City of Spas” in 1934 with nine medical baths and over a hundred hot springs running. There are millions of litres of thermal water gotten from hot springs beneath the city on a daily basis.  

It has been a tradition for centuries in Budapest to take thermal water baths for their medicinal properties. Thermal water is known for relieving muscular aches and pains, so after you take our free Budapest walking tour around the city, a thermal bath should be next on your list.  

Thermal water can accelerate healing processes and get you back to the peak of health in no time. It works at detoxing and improving skincare by protecting the body from UV damage. It improves body metabolism, increases blood circulation in the body and decreases inflammation. 

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