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The Free Original Budapest Walking Tour

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    The Free Original Budapest Walking Tour

    The Original Free Budapest Tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with Hungary’s capital and largest city. Learn about the extensive history of Budapest and also about modern day life within the city. The tour covers famous Budapest attractions, including significant historical sights and areas. Our guides will entertain you with stories of past wars, triumphs, and tragedies. This tour a great way to learn how to get around Budapest and the different areas in the city. Socialize with other travelers and discover the rich history the city has to offer, from the beginnings of the Hungarian Nation to the Medieval era, through the Mongol and Ottoman invasions, the time of empires and Millennial celebration. Enjoy the city while you discover its past. So come see Budapest with us and enjoy a fun filled informative tour around the city. Learn the ins, the outs, the ups, and the downs, of this beautiful place we call home with the Original Free Budapest Tour!

    Free Budapest Tour

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    Our guides are the best in the business. They will also talk about where to find good restaurants, fun bars, live music, or the best clubs. Our guides are active in the city and can provide some great insider knowledge. So come with a group or come alone this is a social tour and there will be plenty of time to make new friends!

    This free Budapest tour takes 3 hrs and features:

    The Parliament
    The Chain Bridge
    Buda Castle
    Matthias Church
    Saint Stephen’s Basilica
    The Fishermen’s Bastion
    Liberty Square
    And more …

    This historical tour visits loads of attractions, and historical sights, but along the way our guides will share stories, and information about famous events, people, music, and architecture. In this way, no tour is exactly the same and you are guaranteed a unique experience with your fun and informative guide.

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    @ 11:00,  and 14:00,  Budapest,

    Starbucks @ Budapest, Deak Ferenc u. 23, 1052

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    More information on what to do in Budapest

    WHAT TO SEE AND DO IN BUDAPEST – Check out our blog the quickly describes some of the amazon places, buildings, and areas of Budapest. Complete with photos and a great first read on what to make sure you don’t miss out on when visiting the city. For a great look into some of the things to see and do in Budapest check out our post on What to see and Do in Budapest



    THE FISHERMAN’S BASTION – Fisherman’s Bastion was designed to be magical. Built for the 1000 birthday of the city the designs included little to no fortifications and was meant to be a magical like area for locals and visitors to admire the beauty of the city. The Baston was built with lookout towers that gives one of the best views in Europe. Click here to see more photos, find out how its got its name, and read our take on Fisherman’s Bastion. 



    THE BUDAPEST CASTLE – The Buda castle is the most iconic and most dominate feature in the Budapest skyline. That means a lot coming from a city with so much beautiful and significant architecture. The Budapest Castle has served to protect the city for hundreds of years. It has been torn down and rebuilt multiple times and is currently almost always under some type of construction or renovations. Located across the river Danube from where most tourists stay, the whole area offers breathtaking views and hours of exploring. For a more in-depth look at the Budapest Castle head over to our blog The Budapest Castle: History and Guide.


    THERMAL BATHS OF BUDAPEST – Budapest is known as a bath city. Thermal heated underground water is diverted into numerous spas, and baths around the city. These baths vary in size and also in use. From wild late night parties known as Spartys, to medicinal treatments that can last three weeks or more. The mix of culture and modern times has transformed Budapest into one of the world’s best thermal spa destinations. For an inside look at the Baths of Budapest head over to our post The Thermal Baths of Budapest. 



    LIBERTY SQUARE– Liberty Square is located right in the heart of the city. This square has a very turbulent history, much like the city itself. This square was the scene of some of the most brutal oppression the country has scene, and now plays host to an array of statues and monuments. The mix of scenery and history make this one of the must-see destinations when you visit Budapest. For a more in-depth look head over to our post The History and Stories of Budapest’s Liberty Square.



    THE DANUBE PROMENADE – Located in the heart of Budapest along the whole span of the River Danube is the Danube Promenade. Complete with statues amazing views, and some of the best architecture in Europe. Walking along the Promenade gives visitors a look at many of the historic buildings in the city, including the Chain and Victoria bridges. For a better look head over to our post The Budapest Guide to the Danube Promenade.

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    daily @ 11:00, 14:00,
    Starbucks @ Budapest, Deak Ferenc u. 23, 1052
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    Best Pub Crawl I have been on! Really saved me a lot of time and money. Trying to get this by myself is not possible! - Askshay (Russia)
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    We had an amazing pub crawl. Meet some really cool people, and saved way more money then the rest of the nights we went out! - Laura (Germany)
    The walking tour was CHOICE! Our guide shared some crazy stories and really taught me a lot about Budapest - Sara (New Zeland)
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    "The Free walking tour was awesome the guide helped me figure out my whole trip" - Gonzo (Chile)
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    "What a beautiful city the alternative tour showed me things I know I wouldnt have seen otherwise interesting and awesome" - Dave (Canada)