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Original Budapest Group Education Tours

At Original Budapest tours, we have years of experience working with school groups, and understand that all schools are on a different budget. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to at an equal education, and Budapest is for everyone! No matter what country or budget, we try to fit a tour to meet your needs! We offer schools all around the world the chance to take one of our education tours and see Budapest’s history and best sights. Our education tours are based on your budget. Based on your budget means you offer what you want to pay for a tour, and we make the arguments to unsure you get the best quality tours Budapest has to offer!

Just let us know what type of tours you require, we have some of the best and most educated guides in Budapest. For this reason we offer a full range of fun educational tours in many areas. This covers everything from the wide-ranging history of the city to modern-day Budapest.

Be specific in the type of tour you would like. We offer fun tours for younger kids, extensive tours for specialized groups, and history tours with a bit of alternative Budapest thrown in for older groups that might get a bit more from a more energized history tour. We can combine the best parts of all our tours!

Furthermore, we are set up to handle all different size groups and have no problem accommodating any budget. A sample of the tours that we offer are below. Based on group size and diversity of a program, we are able to combine these tours and offer packages designed just for your group.

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Below is a list of possible tours

Original Budapest Discovery Tour:

budapest tours basilica

This tour is the backbone of any tour plan in Budapest. It covers the major historical sights, the history of the city, famous WWII sights and other major Budapest attractions. This is the perfect tour to get to know Budapest and how to get around! Our guides share all kinds of interesting facts and stories about the history and the vibe of the city.

Danube Promenade

Buda Castle

Opera House

Royal Palace

Matthias Church

And more. . .

Original Budapest Alternative Tour:


This tour covers modern-day Budapest, concentrating on its open culturally diverse atmosphere, full of all kinds of art and music. This tour will walk through Budapest’s thriving neighbourhood, addressing the special culture alive here, and why it is there.

Street art and graffiti in all of its forms,

Squats & community projects,

 celebrations and festivals

Parks, Statues, food, bars

Original Budapest Jewish Tour:

Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Photo by Dennis Jarvis

This tour centres around the bustling Jewish Quarter but branches out to other places all around the city. The Jewish people have a rich history in Budapest and the town is scattered with historical structures, monuments, and markers left behind by communities. From the rich history of Jewish scholars, architects, and scientist to persecution at the hands of the Third Reich, and a thriving modern Jewish communities.

The Great (Central) Synagogue in Dohány Street,

the Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue

the Tree of Life monument,

the Jewish Museum.

Original Budapest WWII Tour:

This tour concentrates on the second world war, and Budapest and its numerous  treaties and armistices leading up to the siege of Budapest. The persecution of the Jewish people in Budapest left a scar on the city that it’s still recovering from.

These tours are ideas for a starting point of how we can cater a tour based on your needs. Combine parts of some with parts of another! We are extremely flexible, and our guides are the best in the business. This allows us to offer the best informational tour fit for your group!

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