Budapest has a vibrant nightlife and locals make it come alive with you in mind. There are so many bars in Budapest for you to explore and enjoy. Wondering where to get the best drinks and pass the night in Budapest? We’ve got you covered, read on to see the best bars to wine and dine in Budapest.  

Szimpla kert  

This bar in Budapest is one of the most frequented ones because of the range of activities that goes on in it. Ranging from live in-concerts to art exhibitions this vibrant bar will not leave you disappointed. You can even catch a glimpse of local celebrities and of course, you get to drink the renowned Hungarian national spirit- Palinka.  

 Kis u zem  

Kis u zem is another bar in Budapest you have to visit. It is a perfect spot for both foreigners and locals. In fact, you can take coffee there during the day and amazing alcoholic drinks during the night. Note that the bar is often packed because of their perfectly priced drinks.  

Budapest Bars


This bar in Budapest is a two-way win. It’s not only for you to drink but you can also read and enjoy the serenity while you’re at it. You get exquisite chilled beers, vodka shots, and more when you go. It’s the epitome of a laid-back night out.  

Boutiq bars 

If you are a lover of cocktails then gather here because the Boutiq bar in Budapest will not disappoint you. You can try one of their signature concoctions -the Hello Tourist with aged apple- or request your choice drink from their very qualified bartenders. 


This is one of the top-notch ruin Budapest bars. It offers excellent beer in the evenings and great food even in the early hours of the day. There is always a DJ to put you in a happy mood. There is one condition to get into the bar though, no shabby dressing.  

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