When two cities come together to give you an experience, it becomes exciting— something to cherish all your life. Buda and Pest is one home that brings tourists and loved ones together. Divided by the eye-catching Danube river and brought together in 1873, 

To make your trip more exciting and fun, we have compiled a list of districts to visit when you decide to come around. 

The first on our list is the city’s landmark;

CASTLE District: situated on the West Bank. The town holds a lot of memorable experiences for tourists around the world. In addition, it has some of the most beautiful sites. 

Budapest districts

South of the Parliament area, Belváros (District V):

The heart of the city is always the greatest: Belváros is the place for you if you are a foodie. The neighborhood knows it tastes in meals and wines and is ready to serve you with deliciousness. Always trust Belváros when it comes to fun sights like St Stephen’s Cathedral, shopping areas, and Váci street.

For bars and clubs—the life of the party, look no further;

The Jewish Quarter (District VII), just to the southeast of Belváros, is the most fun and populated neighborhood in Budapest. It also has the city’s famous Ruin Pubs. A place covered in beautiful graffiti. 

Every neighborhood in Budapest has its own story; if you have the resources and a schedule to crash, do take some time to feel the energy from all the 23 districts. Break some records, not legs!

The best way to explore the neighborhoods in Budapest is to join a walking tour! The Be Original Budapest walking tour takes you around the city in a few hours, showing you all the city’s highlights and sharing the beautiful stories.