As a populous city known for its showy architecture and rich history, Budapest is the city-heart of tourism in all of Europe. The crowds that flock to this city for tourism are people interested in experiencing the city’s special offerings.

So what is awesome about Budapest? Among the galore of Buda’s attractions, the green space parks are the showiest – with enormous space for hiking, strolling, picnics, and cycling.  

Here are the four best parks to try out in Budapest: 

CITY PARK (VAROSLIGET). This park is Buda’s most famous open space that houses the iconic Széchenyi Bath, Vajdahunyad Castle, and Budapest Zoo. In winter, the park’s lake transforms into one of the most beautiful ice rinks in Europe. Also, the park’s visto could be closely related to a fairytale book.  

MARGARET ISLAND (MARGITSZIGET). The island measures 1.6 miles by 550 yards! So slender is the island that it is covered with parks and, medieval ruins, a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and the soothing sensational musical fountain. A perfect spot for picnics. 

BUDAH HILL AND NORMAFA. The meadowy hillsides of this park make it adventurous for mountain biking and hiking. Normafa is the most accessible park with running buses from Széll Kálmán to the array of forested trails for hikers and cyclists. 

OLYMPIA PARK. This is more of a recreational park with a multifunctional community space for families. It has a children’s playground (with a climbing complex), a dog park, and picnic spots. You can also view the Danube celebration of the spirit of the Olympic games here.      

Enjoy the view of the city and the cool breeze as it bathes your skin. To experience the depth of Budapest, join our Be Original Free Budapest walking tour.