The Budapest Museum of sweets and selfies is the first-ever museum of its kind in Europe. It is a two-story complex located in Budapest, Hungary. Just 3 minutes away from the Hungarian State Opera House, the museum is definitely a go-to spot for visitors of Budapest.  

With its colorful setting and multi-colored rooms for various forms of photography, The Budapest Museum of sweets and selfies, as the name infers, is a fun place to take fabulous pictures of yourself and friends to create unforgettable memories. We all love a great selfie! 

Your imagination is never limited in this place. Its founders, Lilla and Balázs, call it ‘The Realm of The Sweetest Photos, stating that its single goal is “to bring sweetness and fun into peoples’ everyday lives.” The museum is usually open to visitors, locals and tourists alike, every day of the week.   

Budapest Sweets and Selfie Museum

The Budapest Museum of sweets and selfies is divided into two floors: origin and bubbles. It has 11 rooms and many beautiful installations. The space can hold 60 to 100 people, so the number is never a restriction.  

The museum is open for taking random pictures and having fun. Still, it is also available for bookings and reservations for fashion shows, birthday celebrations, parties, product photo sessions, and the like. You name it! If you’ve got something special coming up while in Budapest, this place would be perfect.  

There’s always a slot for whatever event you may be planning. The museum of sweets and selfies is so unique it’s listed as one of the places to go when visiting Budapest. If you have plans to visit Budapest, you must join The Original Free Budapest Walking Tour. We explore the city of Budapest and all of its beautiful museums.