Budapest is an amazing city, with stunning views, great food, and some of Europe’s best night life. However, Budapest can be quite a different place to travel for some who have never ventured to this area of the world. Some things we will go over are more common sense and should be exercised in many places. Other things are just specific things to look out for, or cultural differences that can sometimes cause problems. This list of things not to do and to look out for is meant for travelers staying in touristic areas of the city. In these areas trust me there are some people looking to take advantage!


  • Don’t say Thank you in a pub or restaurant until you have been given your change. Saying thank you while paying indicates that the server or bartender should keep the change as a tip. If this is not your desired outcome hold off on the thanks until the change is received.
  • Do not ride the taxis unless you call first. Get a cab number! Other taxis will tamper with the meters!
  • Do not order drinks, or anything really without checking (and confirming) the price. This is very true with anything offering a tourist menu.
  • Do not follow girls trying to befriend you for the sole purpose of bringing you into a bar where money will be extorted from you. (honestly this is not that hard to spot)
  • Do not just take change without having a look. 200 Huff notes do not exists anymore and 1000 huff notes have been replaced with a bill that has a hologram on it so look for it!
  • Do not walk away without counting your change. 20,000 HUF notes are easily mistaken for 2000 HUF notes.

So thats our top five things to look out for. Other things like not leaving your bag unwatched in a pub, park or really anywhere. Keep your money in a safe pocket or purse, and other very common travel tips should also be followed here. Just remember to be smart, respect the fact you aren’t at home, and above all have fun!

By Ak Shay

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