Looking for how best to make your stay in Budapest fun-filled? We’ve got you covered; this article will show you all of the beautiful things you can indulge in to make your stay in Budapest this December memorable.

  1. Explore the Christmas market 

One place you have to visit is the famous Christmas market hosted at the Vörösmarty Square. This market houses over a hundred food stalls with varieties of local food ranging from cabbage, grilled sausages, mulled wine and lots more to feast on. An amazing fact about this market is that it requires no entry ticket.  

  1. You just have to go skating 

Budapest has the largest natural skating ground in Europe. Once winter settles, the City Park’s boating lake freezes over and turns into the largest ice skating rink you can ever imagine. You can go skating all day and play ice hockey if you wish as you feast your eyes on the beautiful environment surrounding it.  

Budapest Christmas Market
  1.  Discover the largest thermal bath complex  

Hungary is popular for its thermal baths. To see the largest one, check out the neo-Baroque palace bath in Budapest’s City Park which was built in 1913, it contains 15 indoor pools and three huge outdoor pools of different temperatures and you can throw a “sparty” in one.   

  1. Wine Tasting 

After exploring the Buda Castle area, we can guide you to the historic cellar which is still in the castle where you can relax with a glass of wine and learn about Hungary’s winemaking history. Who knows, you might get inspired to mix your own wine.  

Let Budapest pamper you with fun activities. If you’re ready to explore the complete wonders of Budapest, join The Original Budapest Free Walking Tour. You’ll get a full view of Budapest’s exceptional destinations.