Budapest is the kindest city in Europe when it comes to the prices of alcohol. But the question is, how do you know all of the places where you can chill without breaking the bank? The locals are the secret.  

  1.  Kis u zem 

This bar frequently hosts Budapest’s local artists, Budapest’s left-wing academics, and international students from the Central European University. Everyone feasts on the friendly priced Hungarian wine and beer with some excellent sandwiches and unique art pieces to look at.  

2. Dzzs Bar 

This Budapest bar is home to many 20-year-old locals whose presence makes the bar lively, inviting and eccentric. You might be lucky to meet local celebs even. You can crash there after wandering around the city by day. 

3. Fekete Kutya 

This bar in Budapest receives a lot of artistically-minded locals in their 20s and 30s and yet, provides a perfect environment from the rowdy parties in Budapest. You can get excellent craft beers and bar food here.  

4. Telep 

Telep is a lively Budapest bar located in District 7, the capital’s Centre. The locals here are enjoyably hyper and fun-loving people. Travellers love it here. 

5. Lampas 

Lampas is a bar up to date with its music. With just€3, you can get a beer and a fröccs and meet a lot of locals for fun conversations.  

Join The Original budapest Pub Crawl 

This one is a special one that helps you enjoy yourself to the fullest with great tour guides guiding you to the hole of fun. The bar opens for free for one hour and you can play bar games with people from different part of the world.