If you’re preparing to visit the capital of Hungary, Budapest, you’re probably wondering when is the best time to show up and enjoy the beautiful city. We’ve got you covered!


Spring is unarguably the season in Budapest and the best time to visit. Accommodation rates are affordable, flights are even cheaper compared to summer. In addition, you won’t need to be afraid of the Budapest crowd during this season as fewer tourists flock into the city during spring.  

Are you a lover of festive seasons? Be sure to hit Budapest with your friends in spring as it is the best time to participate in the Rosalin and OTP Bank Gourmet festivals. Please ensure to pack an umbrella as rain showers often as the season progresses.  

Summer in Budapest


The summer season in Buda city is the most hectic. Crowds flock into the capital city in the summer; accessing a room in the heat of the summer is difficult – you can expect stress and excessive room rates. So we will always advise that you should book a room early.  

The skirmishes in this season cannot hinder the Budapest summer festival, Danube carnival, and Vajdahunyad castle music festival. These are festivals that will compensate for any hurdle experienced.  

Just before Winter 

To have the most appealing experience in Budapest, visit in the fall. Budapest is almost empty as summer crowds return to their houses. However, the autumn offers array of events to participate such as the Jewish cultural festival and Budapest wine festival.