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The star of the Danube (Budapest) is outrightly known for so many famous things. For instance, the rich culture, underground caves, Danube River, the drop-dead beautiful Parliament Building, local delicacies, and being the world’s Spa capital. So, if you have plans to visit Budapest, here are some of the things the city is most famous for; Let’s dive in! 


This sophisticated building is top-notch. It’s the main reason why Budapest is famous because it was named the world’s third-largest National assembly. In addition, It is the most prominent structure in Hungary (approximately 194,000 sq ft). 


This neoclassical museum is an expression of Budapest’s in-depth cultural heritage. Pieces of related archeology, war, craft art, and religion are part of the museum’s displayed collections. In addition, the museum has other attractions like its enticing garden for visitors to relax peacefully.

Night view of the Hungarian Parliament


This is a 1,200 seats magnificent auditorium, with perfect musical acoustics creating the magic of the State Opera House.  


The presence of the Gellert Bath justifies Budapest being the Spa capital of the world. Gellert Bath has an incredible open-air pool and a Finnish Sauna, among other superb recreational facilities.  

PAPRIKÁS. Tasty chicken Paprikás is one sumptuous Hungarian delicacy well known in the city. An average Hungarian consumes more than half a kilo (1.1Ibs) of Papriká per year. So once you visit the city, paprika should be on your list of things to try.

This is just a snippet of Budapest’s incredulity. A visit to the city will show you all of the beauty that it holds. To explore the city in total, join a Be Original free walking tour and experience the city’s wonders.